Vuvuzelas Coming Soon To An Office Near You

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 103 months ago
Vuvuzelas Coming Soon To An Office Near You

Photo / martinhanna
A campaign has been launched which aims to combine two of the years major stories — the Gulf oil spill and the World Cup — into a novel, if noisy, protest: a chorus of vuvuzelas outside the international HQ of BP.

The idea is to buy 100 of the plastic instruments, hire 100 players off Craigslist (or else crawl the Tube signing up bored-looking buskers), then serenade the company's office in St James Place all day next Wednesday. A protest earlier this week saw an oil-like substance deposited on the steps of Tate Britain, which is sponsored by BP, but this would be the first in London to target the oil giant directly.

The founder, aptly-named Adam Quirk, aims to raise $2,000 for the event; half of it to pay costs, the other half going to a programme that aims to end offshore drilling.

So far, so flash-mob, and in a city that normally can't get enough of them. But while the novelty of flash mobbery has been ground into the dust due to the overbearing inanity of most participants, the vuvuzela chorus at least has a purpose and (if the balance of orchestra members is good) maybe a touch of artistry too.

Last Updated 01 July 2010