BP Protesters Disrupt Tate Party With Mini Oil Spills

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BP Protesters Disrupt Tate Party With Mini Oil Spills


A party celebrating 20 years of BP sponsorship at Tate Britain almost came to a sticky end last night, when protesters hurled buckets of black stuff (thought to be treacle) both inside and outside the building.

The black-veiled idealists showered the main entrance with goop before adding a layer of feathers. A separate phalanx was able to attack the main gallery by smuggling in buckets beneath their skirts. Gallery staff retaliated with mops, swiftly clearing up the interior blemishes. The bespattered steps outside the venue, caked as they were in feathers, reportedly required an all-night scrubbing. BP also sponsor the National Portrait Gallery, British Museum and the Royal Opera House, who must be conducting in-house security reviews at this very minute.

Image by charlietyack in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 29 June 2010