Tim Kring's 'Conspiracy For Good' Comes To Streets Of London

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Tim Kring's 'Conspiracy For Good' Comes To Streets Of London


A new and hugely ambitious alternative reality game is poised to hit the streets, rivers, warehouses and...well, who knows what other spaces...of London. Tim Kring, the super-imaginator behind TV series Heroes, has spent the past couple of years scheming away on this project and, having spoken to the guys behind it, we can assure you it's going to be an impressive ride. The Conspiracy For Good combines live theatre, puzzle solving, image recognition software, and a thorough exploration of London's nooks and crannies (and, we dare say, a fair few crooks and nannies) in the search for clues. And in a happy twist, you will indeed be conspiring to do good, with several charities standing to benefit from the game. The whole shebang kicks off with a spot of mudlarking at Traitor's Gate on 17 July, but there's already plenty to dig your teeth into over on the main website. Good luck.

Last Updated 06 July 2010