STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Georgia Nash

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STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Georgia Nash
Georgia and her designs
Georgia and her designs
Georgia and her designs
Georgia and her designs

London's taste for the eclectic and avant-garde keeps it firmly at the frontiers of fashion - creating the perfect, fertile environment from which an abundance of new designers can emerge. The energy and diversity of the city has been a constant source of inspiration for generations of London-based designers and indeed, anyone interested in fashion, and this new series of STYLEist celebrates the amazing talents of the capital's up and coming style-setters.

Georgia Nash

British born designer, Georgia, studied Fashion Design at Middlesex University and was taught by greats such as Marios Schwab, Ben Kirchhoff and Richard Sorger She then went on to intern for Nathan Jenden in Paris and Huntsmann Saville row tailors in London. After completing her degree she worked for Lungta de fancy in New York then for milliner merveilleux Phillip Treacy back in London. Her latest collection was based on the story of the Nutcracker entitled ‘The Nut was too strong too crack’.

“Ever since I turned 3 and put on my mums shoes I knew fashion would be my life. My work concentrates on intricate couture, beadwork and tailoring. I am inspired mostly by dreams and stories. I adore pearls, buttons, buttons and bows. I think people have become too laid back in what they wear. I believe in women and men dressing correctly. Wearing a beautiful dress or tailored jacket, which has had time and effort to make, makes you want to achieve the same in day-to-day life. My dream would be to live in Paris with my studio and dogs running around. All I want from life is to make people feel beautiful and happy. Clothes can completely change how you feel and if I can create something that powerful then I will be completely satisfied in life.”

Describe your brand

Georgia Nash combines intricate beadwork with masculine tailoring and feminine fabrics. Working with Phillip Treacy and Nathan Jenden, I learned that clothes should reflect one's personality and I to create one-offs that allow people's individuality to shine through. Life should be wonderful every day - even though it's not, it's lovely trying to make yourself feel amazing.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is whatever you want it to be. I know what fashion means to me - it's my life! I don't know what else I would be good at really. I'd probably become a dustman! I just want people to be themselves and feel good. Even if you're not into fashion, you still wear clothes. You can't wear a board saying who you are - so do it with fashion!

Who epitomises London Fashion for you?

I would have to say the late, great Isabella blow

How has London inspired you or your designs?

I was born and bred in London and brought up in a very rough part of town. It's always made me strive to create beautiful garments with a slight edge to them. I think no matter where I live in life I will always hold on to my rough edge! Every where you go in London there is inspiration - from the beauty of The Savoy to the smelly streets of Brick Lane. Put the two together and it creates magic.

Where do you hang out?

Mostly in Camden. It's where I learned my craft. It will return to what it used to be - it just needs individuals to come back.

What's the worst outfit you've seen someone wearing on the tube?

I have a real problem with flip flops - so any outfit featuring them!

What was the first thing you designed?

It was a dress inspired by fear with a massive hood covering the face. It's bloody horrific when I look at it now, but it reflected the way I was feeling at the time!

Which designers inspire you?

Anyone who is not afraid to be creative.

Where can we buy your clothes?

Spitafeilds market: Fridays. Hanbury hall (Hanbury st just off of Brick lane): Saturdays and Sundays. The Boutique Georgia Nash: Online store. Saint Best Boutique:Hackney. Daper Boutique: Camden (from September).

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