Pet Detectives Investigate Ealing

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Pet Detectives Investigate Ealing

071610PetDetectives.jpgImage courtesy of Matt From London, with permission
Two budgerigars sit in their cage in a garden shed in West London. Sammy pecks at a dish of sunflower seeds, while Ernie grooms his wings.

Ernie: That cat has been missing for a while. That black cat, Eclipse, from up the road. The old lady is frantic. Says she's like her own child. She'll go to any lengths to get her cat back.

Sammy: Oh yeah? That sly old puss, I wonder where she's got to. Probably not very far. Cats aren't that smart.

Ernie: Sammy, I'm over here. You're talking to yourself in the mirror again.

Sammy: Oh. [Turns around] So what's she doing to find the moggy?

Ernie: She's called in the pet detectives. Not Jim Carrey, but the real ones from Animal Search UK. A proper professional outfit.

Sammy: Professional pet detectives? Wow. She must really want that cat back.

Ernie: They've been going around the area in their high-visibility jackets and their van, knocking on doors and checking garden sheds. They've been putting up posters with a freephone number to find the missing cat. They were on the trail for 6 hours a day.

Sammy: I suppose they can cover more ground than one woman on her own. And if I knew something about that cat but couldn't tell her myself because it might upset her, might sour relations between us, I'd call the freephone number, use the pet detectives as a middleman. [Addressing the mirror] Do you think they'll find the cat?

Ernie: Don't know. They've got quite good success rates but sometimes, even with professional help, those damn cats just don't want to be found. All the pet detectives can do is get the search moving along.

Sammy: Poor Ms Pandit. She's spending alot on that cat. £500.00 reward, was it? [pecks his reflection in the mirror] Ernie? Was it £500.00 she was offering as a reward? Ernie? Ernie?

Sammy realises his mistake and turns around to where Ernie should be. There's a single feather on his perch and a cat's whisker on the floor of the cage. Two yellow eyes gleam through the shadows; they focus on Sammy

Sammy: Ah, Eclipse. Hello. So this is where you've got to. There are some people looking for you...

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