New Floating Rubbish Collector For Thames

By Lindsey Last edited 165 months ago

Last Updated 01 July 2010

New Floating Rubbish Collector For Thames

The PDC is towed past County Hall to its mooring place

The first privately funded PDC (passive debris collector) was launched on the Thames yesterday. It joins a bobbing fleet of rubbish eaters dotted along the river preventing litter from drifting out to sea and endangering marine life. Designed to take an additional 40 tonnes of rubbish a year out of our river it will be moored alongside the Houses of Parliament.

The PDC is funded by Belu, the bottled water company and they're also behind an online I Love The Thames campaign, in association with Thames21 and the Port of London Authority, aimed at inspiring other businesses to "do their bit" to help clean up the river. This is a corporate partnership that floats our boat.

Want to do your bit? Find out about volunteering with Thames21.