New Restaurant Review: Redhook

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New Restaurant Review: Redhook

Photography by Chris Osburn

Newly opened in Farringdon where the Frenchily swish St Germain brasserie used to be, Redhook is a seafood and steak resto owned by the Rushmore group (Milk & Honey, Giant Robot and The East Room). With its cushy seats and divine lighting, this surf-n-turfer's eclectic dining area is a pleasant enough space to find yourself settling in for a nice meal. We just wish our meal there last night had been a lot nicer.

Chuffed as we were to have received an invitation to give the menu a go by the Redhook folks, unfortunately we can't return the favour with a glowing review. Despite large portions and a delectably perusable menu, we felt prices were too high and quality was somewhat questionable (gritty razor clams were a bummer). The steaks (we tried the New York strip loin and the Wagyu fillet) were okay, we suppose. But, we know better beef splendour can be obtained in London at equal or less expensive.

There were elements of our dining experience that we liked. The king crab legs were gorgeous. And we must note that Redhook's wine list is pretty fab (especially if you like American wines) - we very much enjoyed our Au Bon Climat '06 Chardonnay (£55 for a bottle). As for service, it was a bit wonky and uncertain but we believe they meant well. Aside from that, we don't much see the point of this noob and reckon there are myriad better dining options nearby.

Redhook is located at 89 Turnmill Street (EC1M 5QU). Check the restaurant out online at

Last Updated 21 July 2010