London Hospital At Heart of Adult Entertainment

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London Hospital At Heart of Adult Entertainment

070610Hospital.jpgImage by Matt From London, with permission
According to Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt, an unused, fully equipped ward in an as yet to be confirmed London hospital was hired out as a film set for a naughty nudie sex movie a few years ago. Mordaunt was director of Kensington & Chelsea council at the time and discovered the 'adult' movie was being filmed at the hospital while visiting a friend there. The Evening Standard is convinced the hospital in question is St Charles Hospital in West London but no one concerned is confirming anything. NHS Kensington & Chelsea are only confirming that the filming took place before 2002 and therefore was not on their watch or anything to do with PCTs that didn't exist back then. Individual Kensington & Chelsea hospitals, in particular the swish looking Chelsea & Westminster, are only confirming that they are not the skin flick backdrop in question.

The hire made the hospital a lot of money according to various reports and the Evening Standard comments section (usually an interesting if not entirely reliable source of public opinion) seems to be less indignant than normal about this innovative fundraising use of hospital resources. It seems that hospital parking fees are less desirable than XXX movies as a revenue stream for the dear readers, and there's a general note of congratulation towards the hospital for taking it on. There's a serious deficiency in moral outrage. We feel a dizzy spell coming on. Nurses, the curtains!

Last Updated 06 July 2010