Democracy Village: The Final Hours?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 102 months ago
Democracy Village: The Final Hours?

Photo / Simon Wicks

4pm update: A judge has ruled that the protestors can stay until next week.

Original post:

The peace protestors in Democracy Village, despoiling the view of MPs since early May, have been given until 4pm today to clear off, before the heavies move in. Will they scarper?

Will they feck. Seems they plan to stay for the long run, and are calling on reinforcements to help out. An announcement on Indymedia UK calls for as many people as possible to get down Parliament way this afternoon to, as they put it, "make the injunction completely unworkable".

The plea entreats those who believe in the right to "stand up for democracy" to "Come and be Spartacus!". Any cleft-chinned Kirk Douglas lookalikes would be most welcome.

Last Updated 02 July 2010