The Celebrity Bus Tour Of London

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The Celebrity Bus Tour Of London
sleb bus.jpg Greenwich entrepreneur James Bonney seized upon the idea of The Celebrity Bus Tour after seeing similar tours in LA and Hollywood - thus creating, what is, quite incredibly, the first of its kind in the capital. With the promise of adding to our store of Londony minutiae, it didn't take much to persuade us to hitch a ride.The tour begins by climbing aboard a rather conspicuous minibus outside the Park Plaza Hotel on Baker St and, as it pulls off, we are already passing Sherlock Holmes's gaff and The Beatles' ill-fated Apple Boutique. From here on in, the 90 minute whirlwind trip of London's celebrity culture forges ahead taking in celebrity homes, famous film locations, music landmarks, superstar hangouts, tourist attractions and much more... Blink and you may miss some of it - if you're not stuck in traffic that is - but there is much to take in with Daniel, our guide, filling in the gaps with plenty of celebrity trivia.

Weaving through London's streets we pass the pub where the Obamas had their first fish and chip supper on these shores, the hotel in which Hendrix died, the street that has housed no less than 3 James Bond actors, Al Fayed's primrose coloured shrine to Dodi and Diana and the only place that The Beatles all lived in together. We peer through both Paul McCartney's and Richard Branson's windows in Holland Park, gasp at the most expensive penthouse in the world - bought by a Qatari Sheik for an obscene $200m - and take a cursory glance at the hotel where former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210. Plenty follows, including photo opps at two uber-famous rock 'n' roll locations.

Of course, any London-dweller worth their salt will have already been there and got the t-shirt but, for the out-of-towner with an interest in London's incredibly colourful pop culture, it's a great, rainy day addition to the London experience..

Tickets £25.00. Celebrity Bus Tour London runs daily @ 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm & 7:00pm from Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel, 108 Baker Street, London W1U 6LJ

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