Shameless World Cup Tie-Ins Part 4

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Shameless World Cup Tie-Ins Part 4


And so to the City, where this branch of Gourmet Burger Kitchen near St Paul's has undergone something of a rebranding, cashing in on the homogeneously initialled name of hero goalkeeper Gordon Banks. We wonder if they did something similar when Gordon Brown took office, or when Gary Barlow reformed Take That. The playful firm have also introduced a World Cup menu, assigning team flags and footy-themed quips next to each item ('careful, it can get Messi'). So, for example, Australia partners the 'barbecue burger', Chile sports a chilli burger and England settles for a cheeseburger.

Thanks to reader @dancall1 for the photo. Please let us know if you've spotted further examples of dodgy World Cup tie-ins in your own neighbourhood (tips - at -

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Last Updated 23 June 2010