London Dating : Bloomin' Marvellous

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London Dating : Bloomin' Marvellous

Fancy a bit of a rumble in the urban jungle? On Saturday 17th July, Brockley's Eat Meet supper club is holding a singles dinner party in their garden (weather permitting - this may not be an enticing prospect at the moment, but have hope for better days next month) with an 'Abigail's party retro classics' theme - a £25 'donation' will get you between three to five courses and a cocktail on arrival, and you can bring more booze without having to pay corkage either. Take a gander at their rather lovely looking blog for more info, or email Sophie to book a place.

Possibly taking the search for a 'budding' romance a little too literally, the N1 Garden Centre is running a singles night on Friday from 6-8pm. Having been featured in Vogue's Best Retail Outlets supplement, Guardian Interiors Directory and Time Out London's '100 Best Shops', this is far from your average compost suppliers, patronised by the residents of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Islington who can actually afford some outdoor space. If you're not in that category though, don't despair - the event is free, you'll be furnished with fizz and nibbles, and you can pick up gardening gear for 10% off on the night even if you don't manage to pick up a date - so you can still go home and get mucky either way.

It should be noted that jokes about bushes and rooting have been tastefully abstained from in the compilation of this post, following a bout of sustained self-control

If you're not the kind of person who's prepared to put work in to see the fruits of their labours though, then take heart from firestarters121's approach - apparently you know if you fancy someone within 10-15 seconds of meeting them, and this new dating night takes full advantage of that. No more wasting a further 190 whopping seconds (which can, from experience, feel like hours...) talking to people you're just not interested in about snoozesome hobbies and holidays, the break-neck speed date will give you 30 seconds to see if you want to know someone better on a date which can take place straight away. Their launch party at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch on Wednesday 23rd June will be hosted by Alex Zane, along with stand up comedians and even some improv-hip hop. The £12 ticket price (booked in advance) must be worth it for that alone.

Last Updated 09 June 2010