Future Human Debate On Immersive Story Telling

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Future Human Debate On Immersive Story Telling


Remember the Star Trek holodeck, where off duty officers could slip into a Sherlock Holmes adventure or visit a Klingon brothel (only for the whole thing to turn evil...every time)? Well how far are we from such things? A long way, probably. But that's not to say there aren't manifold other ways to interactively tell a story using technology that's already here. Second Life, location-aware mobile apps, social networks, augmented reality, walk-through theatre - all have been co-opted for the purposes of story telling.

The current state-of-the-art and visions for the future will be discussed at the next Future Human event, taking place in the basement of the (anachronistically named) Book Club, Leonard Street on 16 June. Speakers include Dan Hon (one of the minds behind PerplexCity - one of our fave wastes of time from a few years back), PS3 game producer Jade Tidy, and interactive theatre bod Tim Jones.

It's the perfect subject for a Future Human debate. These evenings are themselves highly interactive, pulling the audience into the discussion more than any comparable event. The moody lighting, well-stocked bar and extravagant ceiling might just feel like a holodeck simulation after a wine or two.

Future Human: Immersion Drama at the Book Club, Leonard Street, 16 June from 7pm. Tickets are £8 in advance or on the door (if space allows).

Last Updated 02 June 2010