Food, Science, Theatre, Drinks, Footy, All In One Room

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Food, Science, Theatre, Drinks, Footy, All In One Room


Here's an event that just needs some interpretive mime, and perhaps some synchronised swimming, and you'd have almost every activity known to man and woman in one venue.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, ArtForEating are hosting five-course meals with a molecular gastronomical twist. The menu remains mysterious, but they offer these teasers: incredible deconstructed bloody mary 'caviar', fillet of cod with coconut foam and test tube sauces, a series of amuse bouche/canapes detailing the glorious story of evolution, and rosewater and orange flower ice creams to be made at your table without refrigeration.

The story of evolution told through canapes - perhaps they get progressively more upright, or less hairy, or more brain-filled. Only one way to find out.

While you're mulling over the gastronomic oddments, further diversion comes courtesy of the Sheer Drop Theatre Company, who will perform four short plays at your table, 'Inspired by legend, myth and fairytale, with a scientific twist'.

And because England play their first World Cup match on Saturday night, the organisers will throw in a free drink for every goal scored. We recommend you turn up in fancy dress with some knitting and juggling balls, just to add a few more activities to this sensory overload.

ArtForEating's Experiments in Mythogastronomy takes place at a secret venue near Blackhorse Road Tube on Saturday and Sunday nights from 7pm. Tickets are £30, including a five-course meal and entertainment. Email to book.

Last Updated 09 June 2010