Breast Milk Bank Needs Top-Up

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Breast Milk Bank Needs Top-Up

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Did you know there are breast milk banks? Not for research or testing purposes but for feeding premature or sick babies who can't be fed formula milk because they're too delicate to digest it. When babies are born very prematurely, or born to a poorly mother, the mother may not be able to produce enough breast milk to feed them and nourish them through the crucial early weeks, so the bank is incredibly important.

Due to an unexpectedly high number of premature and sick babies being born at Kingston Hospital, their breast milk bank is running low and they need help replenishing it. Breast milk donors necessarily have to be

- a woman

- with a baby under six months old

- a non-smoker and drug-free

- teetotal or drinking less than two units of alcohol a week

Ideally, donors would give a minimum of one litre of breast milk to the bank, which is then tested and pasteurised before being given to a premature or sick baby who badly needs it. If you can do it, please donate: more information on breast milk banks and donating can be found on the Born Too Soon website.

Last Updated 04 June 2010