What Is The Best London Film? Results And Special Screening

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Last Updated 04 May 2010

What Is The Best London Film? Results And Special Screening

A couple of weeks back, we asked you to vote for your favourite movies set in the capital. You didn't disappoint, nominating nearly 100 different films - everything from Bedknobs and Broomsticks to Death Line. We're now ready to reveal the winners, and announce a special screening at the Museum of London.

Top 10 London films

1. The Long Good Friday

2. Withnail and I

3. 28 Days Later

4. Blow Up

5. American Werewolf in London

=5. Passport to Pimlico

7. Mary Poppins

=8. Quatermass and the Pit

=8. Tony

=8. The London Nobody Knows

Congratulations to Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren for the winning film - we're sure this is the greatest accolade that either has ever received. No real surprises in the top 5, but it's good to see recent thriller Tony up there with the Poppins' and Withnails of this world.

The winning film, The Long Good Friday, will now be screened at the Museum of London on 30 May. A selection of other titles from the top 10 will also be shown at a later date. Details to follow.

You can view the complete list of 96 nominations in the attached Excel file.

Best London film (2).xls