Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up


Here's what we've learned whilst you've been trying to get your head around this brave new coalesced world:

  • Met silly idea No.1: new recruits should work free for a year.
  • Met silly idea No.2: asking City security guards to snitch on photographers.
  • A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of an elderly lady in Charlton.
  • And two people were arrested after a man was hit by a car in Lewisham in the wee small hours of Saturday.
  • The solution to crime in London? Stop the perpetrators coming in, apparently. Like that will work.
  • Never knew it was this hard being a swan.
  • Chelsea fans are rather happy for some reason.
  • Chillin', by siddharthkhajuria via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 16 May 2010