Week Around The -Ists

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Week Around The -Ists

Photos by Miles Storey/Torontoist.

Londonist is one of thirteen in the worldwide Gothamist network. Once a week, the editors of each site - from SFist to Shanghaiist - compile some of their most interesting posts into a neat digest. Check out what's been going on elsewhere in the ist-a-verse:

  • Torontoist disgusted its readership with photos from the world's first Poutine-Eating Championship.
  • Bostonist watched the Boston Celtics decisively win the Eastern Conference championship, to the dismay of many locals who saw "collapse" written on the T.D. Garden. We, on the other hand, never lost hope.
  • LAist found that the Lakers-Suns rivalry had some serious political implications, thanks to a friendly wager between the L.A. and Phoenix mayors and the controversial new Arizona immigration law. (PS Suck it, Suns! Lakers rule!)
  • Houstonist examined the market for frustrated pitcher Roy Oswalt before venting our frustrations with various to-go containers.
  • DCist watched as the D.C. Council quickly reversed itself and voted to restore funding to the city's streetcar project shortly after outraged blog readers flooded city hall with emails, phone calls and tweets.
  • Phillyist was full of cute animals this week.
  • Gothamist watched as passions flared at a community board meeting over a mosque proposed for near Ground Zero.
  • SFist uncovered this delightful shot of dueling modes of media on public transportation.
  • Londonist infiltrated a Victorian sewer, wading thigh-deep in raw sewerage to get these photos.
  • Chicagoist uncovered a scholarly paper that describes parallels between the 1996 Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny film Space Jam and the ancient Mayan text Popol Vuh.
  • Seattlest got a look at a local company designing lights from scrap, sat down for a few words with Henry Rollins, and did our best to prepare readers for this summer's Beard and Moustache Championship, though there is only so much one can do to prepare for such an event.
  • Last Updated 31 May 2010