Tonight: Urban Screen Shows SUS Plus Q&A

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Tonight: Urban Screen Shows SUS Plus Q&A

051910SUSpreview.JPGThe SUS law, the abbreviated name for the Suspect Under Suspicion stop and search law was used and abused by the police leading to it being dropped entirely after the Brixton riots in 1981. The unnerving similarity between SUS and "stop and search" under Section 44 of the Terrorist Act of 2000 today makes new independent film SUS very relevant viewing.

Urban Screen presents independent UK films to audiences who want to see what goes on outside the big studios. Tonight's special screening of new film SUS is at The Albany in Deptford tonight, starting 7pm with a panel discussion afterwards with writer Barrie Keefe (The Long Good Friday), lead actor Clint Dyer and local politicians.

Delroy is arrested on the night of the general election in 1979, on suspicion of murdering his pregnant wife. He is interrogated, humiliated and assaulted by two police officers high on power, spurred by their racist views and the euphoria of Thatcher getting into power. When it premiered at the East End film festival earlier this year, SUS was praised highly as an uncompromising drama about social injustice with brilliant performances from the cast. While we're adjusting to another Conservative Prime Minister coming into power and with the unfortunate police skirmishes at the G20 protests last year feeling still relevant, SUS sounds like essential viewing, to keep up the good fight against institutional racism and police brutality as we enter a brave new UK.

SUS at The Albany, Deptford, tonight, 7pm including post-screening panel discussion, £8.00. For more information and to book tickets, go to the Albany, Deptford website

Last Updated 19 May 2010