Londonist Endorses...

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Londonist Endorses...

londonistlogo.jpg London is at a fascinating point in its history - when is it not - at this election there are huge decisions to make on what direction our beloved town, and the country (which is pretty great too) should take.

Do you want a financial centre freed to grow, or taught a lesson? Do you prefer to have an open door to immigration, or a narrow window? Do you think we need more public transport? A High Speed line perhaps? Should it stop at Heathrow or Old Oak Common? Should Heathrow expand? Should it contract? Do we allow tall glass buildings or return to a more classical pallet? Do you want to open a school, or close tax loopholes? Do you want a polyclinic open till late, or a family doctor at the end of the road?

Is now the moment for a future fair for all? Feel this is a time for change? Or do you have a hankering for change that works for you?

Tomorrow morning, as the count rolls into the early hours, the political unknowns of three party democracy mean that every vote matters like never before. Fractions of a percent could make a big difference; fractions of a percent that could be you.

Not for a generation has your vote mattered so much and it's 13 years since so many London seats were in contention. With three way fights across the capital your vote has never held more clout.

Here at Londonist Towers we don't endorse anything except democracy; knowing our monthly pub arguments any 'who do we back' meeting would be a traumatic and violent affair.

Today we hope you'll join us - rescue the polling card from the pile of takeaway menus, think for a minute about what's important in the five years ahead and head out to cast your vote. It's almost certainly the most important thing you can do before tea time, and if you don't you can't enjoy the sweet taste of victory, nor the tangy schadenfreude of 'I told you so'.

Last Updated 06 May 2010