Gaucho Invite You To Be Sticky And Sweet

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Gaucho Invite You To Be Sticky And Sweet


We're not sure we ever drink anything when we're eating ice-cream, but a glass of wine certainly wouldn't be the most obvious thing. Gaucho Grill's colder, smaller sister Freggo intends to change that preconception this summer with the launch of their Sticky & Sweet masterclasses.

Designed for small groups, the masterclass allows Gaucho to showcase their extensive wine collection with a focus on dessert wines as they match a variety of white, fizz and red with a suitable ice cream from Freggo and a warm welcome from head sommelier Jessica Closs. Tastes such as the creamy and delicious Dulce de leche are moorish enough on their own but when paired with a fragrant Zuccardi Tardio Torrontes create an unusual but yummy taste on the tongue. Plus if you've not yet tried the intense Malbec & berries flavour, it's taste bud bursting enough even before you perfectly complement it with a spicy Luigi Bosca Gewurztraminer.

Since opening last summer Freggo have become one of our favourite places to get ice cream in Central London and this event is the perfect opportunity to be very naughty and gorge on ice cream. Dieters need not apply! Our only warning is that after the 3rd or 4th ice-cream our tongue became so cold that we weren't entirely sure we were picking up all the tastes we should.

A perfect addition to a high-end hen do, or just a yummy night out for those of us with a sweet tooth, the first booking dates for the masterclasses are Monday 7th June and Monday 28th June, although private sessions can also be arranged.

The class is available at Gaucho Piccadilly. Call for details.

Last Updated 18 May 2010