Review: Freggo Ice Cream Bar

Dean Nicholas
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Review: Freggo Ice Cream Bar
Alfajor, ready to eat
Alfajor, ready to eat

The go-to heladeria for overheated Porteños all over Buenos Aires has opened a London branch, timed perfectly to catch our glorious summer weather. Freggo (they've had to abandon the Freddo brand name in Blighty due to copyright conflicts), just off Regent Street, offers a selection of South American-inspired ices alongside some warmer-blooded treats.

Nestled alongside big sister steakhouse Gaucho, Freggo suffers from the former's pricing problems, namely, they charge a fairly high premium for that stamp of Argentine excellence. In the case of Freggo, though, it's just about warranted. A cone or cup with 2 scoops of your choice will set you back £3.95, which is steep in comparison to your common-or-garden Cornetto, but the generous scoops, packed deep into cone, were mouth watering. Deep red icy Malbec and Berries sat on top and zinged agreeably on the tongue, melting into a creamy and robust vanilla. Handily served with a dinky spoon it was possible to savour the treat with getting it all round your chops.

It ice cream isn't to your liking, Freggo also sell alfajores, biscuits stuffed with an unseemly amount of dulce de leche, or the Argentine breakfast staple of medialunas. While these will sate the homesick, it's on their ice cream that Freggo will sink or swim, and they're off to a good start. Our visit came on a rainy, grey Saturday, yet the place was packed out, with the queue never dying down — a testament to both its popularity and the typically Latin serving speed. Now if they'd only copy the home delivery service offered by the branches in Buenos Aires...

Freggo, 27-29 Swallow Street, W1B 4QR

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That malbec looks chocolatey. It was actually a divine blood red colour and icily delicious.


You might want to get your eyes (or maybe your monitor) tested - looks plenty red to me.


About the pretty stupid comment on "latin delivery speed": I'm italian, and regularly stand amazed in front of so called "baristas" in London coffee shops when it takes them 5 minutes to serve an expresso. In the same timeframe in an italian bar, around 50 coffees + wine glasses + croissants get served: go and learn what speed is, if you care.


I'm unsure why an Italian would get annoyed at a remark on a review of an Argentine cafe. Perhaps 'Latin American' would have been more appropriate, as countries in that region often favour a (not disagreeably) placid speed of service and dining.

You are right, however, in noting that Italians are pacy: I'm often struck by the incredible speed of Serie A.


Latin America is pretty big and diverse, there is no such Latin American serving speed. Is the same as saying European serving speed...