Fancy A Pint On Election Night?

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Fancy A Pint On Election Night?

As a celebration of the democratic process our friends at have come up with a top ten list of pubs with an election theme. They apologise in advance for any that are a bit of a stretch, but hey, these lists don't grow on trees. So, whether you want to escape the election madness or go watch the initial results with a pint, here's a few places to go - after you've voted, of course!

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Elections explained, grafitti style by cafedereves
- The Red Rose3P_sl.jpg (Finsbury Park)
Well, it has to be Labour, really, if you're so inclined and can watch the results.

- Blue Posts3P_sl.jpg (Piccadilly)
We're not insinuating anything, but the Conservatives are blue.- Westminster Arms3P_sl.jpg (Whitehall)
A pub not far from the seats of power and aptly named.- Red Lion3P_sl.jpg (Whitehall)
This famous pub in the heart of Whitehall has its own division bell and shows Parliament TV.- The Speaker3P_sl.jpg (Westminster)
Another aptly named and reasonable pub near the Houses of Parliament.- The Chancellors3P_sl.jpg (Hammersmith)
Nothing to do with politics beyond the name, and we're not sure they'll be watching the elections.- Gladstone Arms3P_sl.jpg (Borough)
Named for a former prime minister who (as may happen in this election) led a minority Liberal government in 1892.- The Green Man3P_sl.jpg (Fitzrovia)
Up the Greens! We've had more paper from them than any other party during this election campaign...- Bread & Roses4P_sl.jpg (Clapham Common)
A phrase with strong ties to trade unions and socialism.- Churchill Arms5P_sl.jpg (Notting Hill)
Britain's most famous Prime Minister who won WWII singlehandedly.Find pubs galore at

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