Fancy A Pint? May These Pubs Be Good

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Fancy A Pint? May These Pubs Be Good

What a week! Bank holiday merging into election fever and still we don't really know who's running the country. Mull it over this May in one of Fancyapint's top ten pubs visited last month. All these pubs stuck in the tenancious and discerning reviewers' minds as excellent boozers, for a variety of reasons. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments. And if you think you know your pubs, get over the and have a go at reviewing yourself.

The Seven Stars' Tom Paine by dalekhelen
- Lord Clyde4P_sl.jpg (Highbury)
Simply a good pub that happens to sell pretty fantastic food.

- The Seven Stars4P_sl.jpg (Holborn)
A very popular old boozer, especially with legal eagles and a celebrity cat.

- The Grapes5P_sl.jpg (Limehouse)
We just can't keep away from here...

- Mucky Pup4P_sl.jpg (Angel)
It's the sort of boozer you want to keep just for you and your mates.

- Harcourt Arms4P_sl.jpg (Marble Arch)
Can't comprehend the ice hockey? No problem, this is a fine pub.

- Dartmouth Arms4P_sl.jpg (Forest Hill)
For once, a pub that's much improved after from going gastro.

- Rosemary Branch4P_sl.jpg (Hoxton)
Plenty of decent ales plus a dash of culture, for good measure.

- Devonshire Arms4P_sl.jpg (Kensington)
One is one to seek out for a pleasant, sunny afternoon.

- Blythe Hill Tavern4P_sl.jpg (Catford)
Five real ales, a good drop of the black stuff and racing on the telly - need we say more?

- Windsor Castle5P_sl.jpg (Marble Arch)
History, celebrity, royalty, eccentricity, good Thai food and a decent pint - all in one pub.

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