Elephant Parade Begins In London

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Last Updated 03 May 2010

Elephant Parade Begins In London


It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the day the elephants take over London. 250 brightly painted model elephants have been installed throughout central London as part of the Elephant Parade, each one decorated by an artist or celebrity. Come July, each one will be auctioned off to raise money for flesh-and-blood elephants (although we're not sure what they'd spend it on - peanuts, presumably).

We're just about to head out with our camera and track down some of the best. If you're kicking your heels trying to decide what to do with your Bank Holiday afternoon, we suggest you do the same. To help you find the impactful pachyderms, the organisers have created this zoomable map (although, unhelpfully, they've opted for an 11 MB unprintable PDF instead of keeping things simple). Please submit your best pics to the Londonist Flickr pool, and we'll do a roundup tomorrow.

Image / EnglishGirlAbroad