Election Chaos: Report To Be Published

By BethPH Last edited 104 months ago
Election Chaos: Report To Be Published

If you're one of the people who was turned away from the polling station, try to cast that nagging feeling from your mind that your vote would have made all the difference. A report is due to be published by the Electoral Commission which will tell everyone what they knew already - that high numbers of voters and late turnout were responsible for the chaos.

Many polling stations were the scene of cross confrontations after voters stirred themselves from their traditional political apathy and headed off to put their mark on the ballot paper only to find queues more reminiscent of the first day at the January sales.

Thwarted voters reacted in a variety of ways, including an impromptu sit-in protest in Hackney, though Lewisham residents managed to get officers to bend the rules and allow them an extra 30 minutes past closing time. So the lessons to be learned from this for the next election will presumably include laying on more officers or going to live in Lewisham.

Last Updated 20 May 2010