Chefspective: Matt Edmonds, Executive Chef of The Mandeville Hotel

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Chefspective: Matt Edmonds, Executive Chef of The Mandeville Hotel

Photograph courtesy of Matt Edmonds

Impressed with the meal we had at The Mandeville Hotel's deVille restaurant back in April, we were curious to find out more about what goes into such a tasty menu. Luckily, Executive Chef Matt Edmonds was happy to oblige us by answering a few questions. Matt was also kind enough to share with us the recipe for his delectable Scottish scallops with artichoke puree and almond butter. Delish!

How'd you get into cooking for a living and what was your background before coming to the Mandeville Hotel?

I started waiting and portering at a hotel in West Sussex under the guidance of the Michelin starred chef Steven Crane at Ockenden Manor who I worked well with. He advised me to do an apprenticeship. My working environment has always been two Rosette and above. I moved to London and worked at the RAC club under the guidance of Phillip Corrick who further infused my passion for cooking. I have since competed in numerous competitions achieving many accolades to Gold Medal Standard.

Londonist was recently at deVille to try the Rowley's entrecote steak (which we thoroughly enjoyed!). How did that relationship with Rowley's Restaurant develop? Had you 'joined forces' with other establishments in the past? Are these sorts of combined efforts something deVille will continue to offer patrons?

We were given the opportunity through an intermediary and after some discussion we felt that a relationship with Rowley’s would be beneficial both to our business and theirs. It allows both of us to work together promoting each other’s brand and creates a fun relationship with two restaurants passionate about food. There are no other plans to “join forces” at present with another or any future establishments. We have a positive relationship with Rowley’s and one which we have taken time to build and nurture and I hope will continue into the future.

Your pan-fried Scottish scallops with artichoke puree and almond butter is a most scrumptious dish. How did you come up with the recipe? In general, how you do go about creating a menu that's innovative but at the same time attractive to a cross section of diners?

Scallops are naturally creamy in texture and the artichokes are in season, they both combine really well with a subtle taste of almond. I always begin by writing a list of ingredients that are coming into season and as a team involve everyone’s ideas as to what will marry best.

Can you tell us a bit about how you source your ingredients?

I always use seasonal ingredients from locally sourced suppliers. I have a passionate obligation to support local and dedicated farmers, growers and distributors, who allow me to pick the best quality and work with committed and passionate professionals. I always endeavour to source ingredients from within the southeast and definitely from the UK. After all we are a British style restaurant!

Any favourite eateries or shops in London?

I love The Square and Phillip Howards cooking which I aspire to. It’s a great restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere. I also love all the farmers markets around London which I think are great for small producers to showcase their products and passion.

Do you have any cooking tips or, perhaps, a recipe to share with our readers?

Here's the said scallop recipe for you to enjoy …

Scottish scallops with artichoke puree and almond butter

Always use diver scallops in their shells as dredged tend to be damaged and also less environmentally friendly,

Release the scallops and place in cold water to remove any sand or foreign bodies that may have been in the shell,

Remove the muscle that connects the scallop to the shell and the roe,

Peel the artichokes , chop and boil in cream and milk ( 50/50 of each )until cooked through. When cooked blitz in a food processor until smooth,

Using a VERY hot non stick pan, score the scallops to help with the cooking and pan fry for 2-3 mins each side until golden brown,

For the buerre noisette you will need a thick bottom pan with 100g butter. Stir until it just starts to take on the golden colour add the almonds.

Plate up and enjoy!!!

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