Art Preview: Dear Diary

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 104 months ago
Art Preview: Dear Diary

If you enjoyed Cringe night, where members of the public read aloud their old diaries and poetry to a baying sympathetic crowd, you might like Dear Diary at Gallery Seven. Presented by anti-poverty youth charity Ctrl.Alt.Shift, the exhibition lets you peek at the visual journals of Dan Eldon, a British Kenyan journalist who was killed by a Mogadishu mob aged just 23. You can also explore the work of unknown diarists over the last century, chronicling historical events of enormitude, and listen to audio diaries, including one by a South African teenager living with AIDS.

Heightening the voyeuristic pleasure are teenage rantings from Courtney Love, Richard Herring and The Secret Diary of (Twin Peaks') Laura Palmer. And if that whets your appetite there's a Cringe night fundraiser at Hoxton Hall on Thursday.

'Ctrl.Alt.Shift presents Dear Diary' runs until 23rd May at Gallery Seven, 22 Earlham Street, Covent Garden. Cringe Night is on 13th May at Hoxton Hall, 7.30pm, £10. Image / page from Dan Eldon's diary, courtesy of Kathy Eldon.

Last Updated 11 May 2010