Preview: Tweet Justice - The Boundary Of Law And Social Media

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Preview: Tweet Justice - The Boundary Of Law And Social Media


Hang around on Twitter for a while and you soon become aware of the vitriol. Campaigns against perceived mistakes by companies or publications are often well founded, but what happens if this 'Tweet justice' is directed at an individual? At you, for example. Twitter has notoriously and meritoriously helped raise awareness of our country's poor libel laws. But what protection do you have if you're personally libelled by a tribe of outraged socmeds who've got the wrong end of the stick? Can legislators and judges keep up in a world where everyone has a voice, and some people have two or more?

The next Future Human debate (12 May) tackles such issues with a panel of carefully chosen guests. Robert Collins, author of Soul Corporation; Telegraph tech bloke Shane Richmond; and Zoe Margolis, the ‘Girl With a One-Track Mind’ will assemble before a live audience, and an even larger virtual audience to thrash out this important grey area. The event takes place in the downstairs bar of the Book Club, Leonard Street, perhaps the most splendidly ceilinged room in Shoreditch. Having attended more than our share's worth of pub debates, this magnificent series is the only one for which we'd join a Twitter support campaign, were it to go the way of 6Music.

Future Human: Tweet Justice is organised by Bad Idea magazine and takes place at the Book Club, Leonard Street EC2A 4RH on 12 May from 7-9pm. Tickets are £8 and worth every penny.

Last Updated 22 April 2010