Preview: Scratch Interact @ Soho Theatre

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Preview: Scratch Interact @ Soho Theatre


Curated by Glue, Scratch Interact will be taking over the whole of Soho Theatre on the evening of Monday 12 April filling all the spaces in the building with interactive artists and theatre-makers trying out new work for the first time. The confirmed programme includes established interactive theatre names like Forest Fringe and Coney, who last delighted us with the hugely enjoyable A Small Town Anywhere.

The transactions between audience and artists will be, to say the least, unconventional with interactive exchanges happening in the offices, dressing rooms and, yes, the toilets too. For a £5.00 ticket, turn up early, sign up for all the things that interest you, then proceed to interact. The evening includes the chance to give feedback to the artists too, so ticket holders won't just be passive test audiences but will be part of the development of these pieces. And who knows where these pieces will end up - Edinburgh Fringe festival, the next big thing at BAC, the hottest ticket this summer in London...

Scratch Interact at Soho Theatre, Monday 12 April from 6.15pm. For more information, go to Glue.

Last Updated 09 April 2010