More Academic Strikes Loom At London Universities

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More Academic Strikes Loom At London Universities


Staff at University College London and the University of Westminster have voted to strike in opposition to funding cuts. Both jobs and departments could be under threat as the academic sector feels the squeeze of a £500m chop in university funding. The timing of the strikes, organised by University and College Union, has not yet been announced. Reportedly, however, only 10% of UCL lecturers voted. Of those, 40% came out against the strikes. Thus, at most, 6% of UCL staff care strongly enough to take industrial action. A similar ballot took place at King's College last month. The swingeing cuts (look, everyone else is suddenly using this phrase, so we can too) are even affecting such lofty institutions as Oxford, who may now toy with going private. Image / M@.

Last Updated 22 April 2010