London Airports Remain Closed By Fire And Brimstone

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London Airports Remain Closed By Fire And Brimstone


A giant cloud of volcanic ash still lingers over the UK, with all airports remaining closed to flights until 01:00 BST on Saturday. National and international train services are under pressure to cope with demand. Severe delays are expected even after the dust settles, as aircraft struggle to cope with the passenger backlog. The Standard are quick to deploy the word 'chaos' - twice, in fact - to describe the inconvenience and frustration. Elsewhere, we're just waiting for reporters to start using words like 'harbinger' and 'omen' to describe this particulate portent in analogy to the election campaign.

Travelling through King's Cross last night we were bemused to hear the pre-recorded announcer utter: 'Due to a volcanic ash cloud...'. How did they know to have that pre-recorded? Turns out that the King's Cross voice is a text-to-speech system rather than a database of sentences. You can have fun playing with the software here.

Meanwhile, someone captured this incredible picture of Ash over Manchester.

Last Updated 16 April 2010