Gallery Threatened Over Replica Blue Plaque

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 146 months ago
Gallery Threatened Over Replica Blue Plaque

Photo / sleekit
The Jealous Gallery in Crouch End faces potential legal action after exhibiting a spoof blue plaque. The stentorian stewards at English Heritage have pointed their litigious missiles at the north London gallery after it showed a replica Blue Plaque bearing the legend, "The Man Who Sleeps With Your Wife Lives Here". Artist Dave Anderson, who was unaware he'd breached copyright, crafted 250 plaques, which were put on sale in the gallery until EH complained; a spokesperson stressed that none had been sold, and the matter is unlikely to go any further. But we muse upon the identity of the flustered flunkey at English Heritage who balked at evidence of his infidelity being plastered on a gallery's walls. Surely Laurence Gomme would have seen the funny side?

Last Updated 30 April 2010