East London Line: An Update

Dean Nicholas
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East London Line: An Update

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3pm update: We have it on reasonably good authority that the first East London line trains will be rolling out of Dalston and New Cross shortly after midday on Tuesday April 27th. London Reconnections is also reporting the same. Fingers crossed!

Original article:

Since the aborted launch dates earlier this month, London Overground staff have remained tight-lipped about when exactly the rumoured 'live passenger preview' of the East London line would open. However, the soothsayers over at London Reconnections have gathered evidence that the line may open this Wednesday, April 28th.

As before, don't take this as gospel, but one commenter on the site has cited an email ostensibly received from a LO official that states the service will commence passenger operation from this Wednesday, from 7am and 8pm-ish, between Dalston Junction and New Cross. The line would remain closed in the early mornings, evenings, and weekends until May 23rd, when the extension down to London's austral extremities (ie Croydon) will also open.

This Wednesday's opening hasn't been confirmed, and we won't believe it until we're reclining on one of those shiny new trains — there's always the possibility of further equipment problems or political shenanigans, two of the reasons cited for previous cancellations. But assuming the line does begin nipping commuters up and down east London from this week, the next thing to do is work out the best local venues for the inevitable pub crawl. Any suggestions?

Last Updated 26 April 2010