Down to Earth Dining @ Arcola Theatre

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Down to Earth Dining @ Arcola Theatre

If you missed the amazing feeding of the five thousand, freegan style, in Trafalgar Square late last year you can get a taste of communal dining comprising food that would otherwise have gone to waste on a more intimate scale at Arcola Theatre, Dalston, this Sunday for Down to Earth Dining.

Part of their Green Sundays series, the feast is for your senses as well as your belly. The three course meal will be punctuated with interactive games, music and knowledge with excellent after dinner speakers in the form of Tristram Stuart and Richard Reynolds. And you are reminded to bring an "unusual container" in which to transport home a growing souvenir of the event.

Of course, health and safety has to go a little mad on these occasions so please note the following message from Arcola:

....we kindly request that participants note the following possible eventualities and hereby accept full responsibility for their welfare;

Accidental fire, food poisoning, getting mud under finger nails, choking on food items, being accidentally hit in the eye by a maverick piece of fruit during the fruit salad toss, being struck by lightning, slipping on banana skins or indeed any aqueous matter located on the floor, candle wax melting onto clothes and causing the discolouration or ruin thereof, unsuccessful negotiation of stairs etc.

If you can't make it to dinner, there are free activities with a focus on sustainable food going on between 11am-7.30pm with practical workshops, information, guerilla gardening, bees, speakers, film, music.... etc. Download the full programme here.

More disclaimers, information and ways to book your place at the sustainable table online. Down to earth dining is on Sunday 11 April and the gong sounds for dinner at 7.30pm, tickets £16/10.

Last Updated 07 April 2010