Dining Beyond Zone 1: Acoustic Cafe, Newington Green

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Dining Beyond Zone 1: Acoustic Cafe, Newington Green

By David Buglar
The Acoustic is a place to share a brunch in the sun, to while away some solitary hours with a paper over one of their fantastic smoothies, or to meet for an evening meal accompanied by some live sax (Thursdays). It does all these things to perfection if what you crave is a simple café, with charming (and long serving) staff and the best poached eggs known to man. A bold call? Certainly, but these eggs… time and again they are just the ticket.

While their lunches are good - try the chicken or haloumi kebabs - it is the breakfasts that make The Acoustic stand out. Eggs Romano is a top choice for veggies; scrambled with feta, basil, red onion and tomato is a simple enough combo, but having tried numerous times to recreate it at home, we’ve had to concede they are doing something special to it here.

The Acoustic Breakfast is one to indulge in when the excesses of a Friday night have left you craving a bit of health in your life - avocado, mushrooms, and poached eggs.

It’s the humble Full English that is the jewel in the crown for us however. All too often a good breakfast is let down by a bad sausage - not so here. A proper banger cooked to perfection complements the succulent griddle-cooked bacon a treat. They serve the beans in a wee pot on your plate which means they don’t contaminate those prized eggs.

On a recent visit we asked the chef how he gets his eggs right every time. It’s easy apparently. No spinning of the water. Just get it boiling with vinegar and pop the eggs in and wait for them to be perfect. Simple.

They are licensed and do a good range of lagers and wine. Soft drink wise, the freshly squeezed orange juice, smoothies and broad range of teas go down well after one of their excellent coffees.

The atmosphere is always pleasant, with jazz drifting quietly from the speakers and a good mix of people, older and young.

On a good day if you can bag a seat outside in the sun you won’t want to give it up in a hurry.

By David Buglar

Acoustic Cafe is at 60 Newington Green, N16 9PX

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