No World Cup Fan Fest For Regents Park

By Lindsey Last edited 172 months ago

Last Updated 03 March 2010

No World Cup Fan Fest For Regents Park

By DeanN
Residents, open air theatre goers and animals in the Zoo will be relieved to learn that the GLA's planned 'Fan Fest' with big screenings showing World Cup 2010 matches in Regents Park will not go ahead. Shame, since the cricket screenings last year were such a laid back and jolly success.

The World Cup 'fan zone' was anticipated to create more than 100 decibles of noise with attendant fears the 60 proposed match screenings would bring excessive litter, drunkenness and bad behaviour to the genteel green space.

Local Council Brian Coleman is clearly relieved that "hordes of drunken football supporters" won't be congregating on his patch but his unhelpful reinforcement of footy fan stereotyping may make securing an alternative green space difficult. Let's hope other of our fabulous parks outside zone 1 aren't so delicate and might welcome those who want to watch the action from South Africa in company of like minded individuals alfresco this summer.