New Restaurant Review: Santa Maria Pizzeria

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New Restaurant Review: Santa Maria Pizzeria

Photography by a salivating and soon feasting Chris Osburn

Londonist has seen the future, and it involves taking lots and lots of trips out to Ealing to devour Santa Maria's delectable and authentic Neapolitan style pizzas.

This adorable little pizza place would have been a perfect addition to our Dining Beyond Zone 1 series, but we reckoned its brand spanking newness warrants special attention. Santa Maria has only been open a month. And according to owner Pasquale, it's been a fabulous start. Elated and perhaps a tad exhausted by what he described as overwhelming success, Pasquale explained that they've had to scrap reservations as walk-in demand has been too high. He and his business partner are already thinking about how to expand the dining area.

We can see what all the fuss is about: delicious pizzas from a wood fired oven, priced between £4.50 and £7.95 and served with an appreciative smile. There's more good stuff here too (Londonist loved the grigliata mista), but it's the pizza that's the star. On our Monday night visit, we managed to nab a table for three easily, but would have been happy to wait for such quality food. We noted a comfortably full house for so early in the week as well as plenty of take away trade. We also noted one particularly gleeful customer making a special effort to personally thank the chef for baking such a scrumptious pizza. Yeah, it's that good.

We could rattle on with this rave but should probably just direct you to Santa Maria's website and insist that you visit them at 15 St.Mary’s Road (W5 5RA) as soon as humanly possible.

Last Updated 17 March 2010