New Courses @ Bishopsgate Institute

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New Courses @ Bishopsgate Institute

bishmarch.jpg Enrolment opened today for a new season of short courses at Bishopsgate Institute, running April to July. Whilst 'adult education' has a worthy yet yawn inducing ring to it, the Bish' has a programme of courses that not only span your usual languages, holistic exercise and a smattering of performing arts but offer lovely things that genuinely appeal to our adventurous Londony leanings and won't bust our budget.

How about spending one day Photographing East London or getting literary, walking and writing in East London? Or 6 weeks sketching the city? Film geeks can get noir, try their hand at penning a script or buff up their indie credentials. Oenophiles can book for wine tasting or hone their mastery of French or Spanish and Portuguese plonk.

It's a fine time to join the Bishopsgate Singers or Writers, finally kick the novel in the teeth with a creative writing course, get to grips with all that arty farty 'ism' jargon or push your nose into the complex relationship between art and architecture. Banish your fears of public speaking, calm down and meditate or step into some Strictly Come Dancing shoes. Do it, g'wan.

Bishopsgate Institute is almost opposite Liverpool Street Station, bout 2 mins away. Enrol now.

Last Updated 10 March 2010