Londonist Stays In: 8-14 March

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Londonist Stays In: 8-14 March


The most Londony shows on TV and radio this week.


Inside Out (BBC1, 19.30-20.00) Londoners throw out 4000 TVs _every day_. What happens to them all?


Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer - Revealed (FIVE, 20.00-21.00) Do let the title put you off. We doubt much will actually be 'revealed' in this look at the relationship between the notorious east-end killer and the press.

Inside John Lewis (BBC2, 21.00-22.00) How is the co-operative-style business faring under the financial troubles?


In Our Time (Radio 4, 09.00-09.45) Melvyn Bragg and a coterie of academics examine the life of Boudica, scourge of early London.

Michelin Stars - the Madness of Perfection (BBC2, 21.00-22.00) Looking at the mystique surrounding the hallowed Michelin Star, including a section in the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Too Poor For Posh School? (C4, 21.00-22.00) Each year, two not-so-wealthy kids get into Harrow School via a special scholarship that bypasses the annual £28,000 fees. This programme looks at the selection process.


Saturday Play: Confessions of a Medium (Radio 4, 14.30-15.30) Comedy by AL Kennedy set in 1870s London.


The Politics Show (BBC1, 14.14-15.30) Jon Sopel fronts the weekend politics cavalcade, with a lengthy section on local politics.

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