David Cameron Heckled During College Speech

Dean Nicholas
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David Cameron Heckled During College Speech

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The taciturn (and easily toyed with) visage of David Cameron on billboards around town clearly hasn't convinced the denizens of Deptford, some of whom booed and heckled the Tory leader when he spoke at Lewisham College this morning.

Showing a deep understanding of recent British political history, some of the apprentices at the college chanted "no Tory cuts", and one individual (in no way a Labour plant) shouted out loud that the party hadn't changed since the days of milk-snatching Maggie herself.

The unscripted appearance, the first of many planned in the run-up to the election, saw Dave don a short-sleeved shirt and tackle questions on the economy and jobs, and despite the constant simmer of of mild hostility, Cameron chanced upon a rousing, and potentially inspiring, angle:

"This is what politics should be like. This is what you are going to get from me at this election - not a script, not a lectern... [but] proper, live public meetings where actually you can argue about the future of our country".

In preparing for an election that seems to be slipping from his grasp, Cameron may have chanced upon a better (if more cumbersome) coinage than anything his party spin doctors have pumped out thus far.

Last Updated 15 March 2010