Badgers In Pimlico: A Bit Of Tube Geekery

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Badgers In Pimlico: A Bit Of Tube Geekery


Did you know that Archway is the only Tube station that doesn't contain any of the letters from the word 'Londonist'? No? Well consider your day enriched beyond measure. This sterling fact was made palpable by a clever if pointless bit of software by Ben Green. Just type in a word, phrase or name of your choice and you'll be told which Tube stations shun your appellation.

So, for salient example, Pimlico is the only station that lacks a representative letter from the word badger. Wapping alone refuses an ambassadorial piece of Sherlock Holmes. St Paul's is the only stop that remains untouched by a 'Chim Chimeny, chim chimeny chim chim cheroo'. And Loughton is the sole destination where you won't find at least one letter from the phrase 'Frack me backwards, vicar; I prefer rabbis'.

Thanks to Annie Mole for pointing out this life-changing tool.

Last Updated 14 March 2010