Talk Preview: Advertising And Neuroscience @ The Book Club

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Talk Preview: Advertising And Neuroscience @ The Book Club


Cocktails, cognitive science, DJs and clever marketing techniques. It's an unusual Venn diagram, but if your interests stray into any or all of these areas you might want to head down to The Book Club in Shoreditch on Feb 10 for an evening called Advertising at the Frontiers of Consciousness. The panel comprises a neuroscientist, a science fiction writer and a couple of marketing professionals who will discuss the science behind commercials, and how campaigners manipulate your thinking. If you've ever been tempted into comparing meerkats or nodded along to a percussive gorilla with a penchant for Phil Collins, here's your chance to find out why. The event forms part of the Future Human series (second Wednesday of every month) from Bad Idea Magazine. Tickets are £8 and should be booked in advance.

Last Updated 04 February 2010