Digging Up Deptford For The Golden Hind

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Digging Up Deptford For The Golden Hind

Worst. Replica Ship. Ever.

Archaeologists are probing a wharf in Deptford for remnants of The Golden Hind(e), the famous flagship of Sir Francis Drake, alerts the Standard. The learned mudlarks are trowelling their way through Convoys Wharf in the first attempt since the 1970s to locate the vessel's remains.

The Tudor galleon, which carried Drake and crew around the globe, lasted well into the Stuart period as a local curiosity, but began to fall apart in the 1660s. Some of the ship was broken up and repurposed into items of furniture. But certain clues suggest that the hull of the ship is still preserved beneath the quaysides of Deptford. Those wishing to see the ship in all its replica glory can, of course, board the full-size reconstruction down in Southwark.

Image by buckaroo kid in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 26 February 2010