Review: Magic Night @ Madame JoJos

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Review: Magic Night @ Madame JoJos

Tricity Vogue: just one of the acts at the mad, wacky Magic Night
We're watching a man guessing which sexual disease a woman has chosen out of a possible list of six. What’s more, he’s getting thunderous applause for it. His ‘assistant’, picked from a scarily up-for-it crowd (“Me! Me! Pick me!”), shouts the word “Chlamydia” with exuberant pride. Let’s be honest: you won’t see this sort of thing on Derren Brown. But then tonight’s theme of ‘mentalism’ is done very much in Magic Night style…

Magic Night has been running at Madame JoJo's for a while now, and judging from tonight’s riotous reception, it’s a mighty popular way to spend a Friday night. It’s a blend of comedy, magic, cabaret and slapstick. You can even eat here first, and make a real night of it - though perhaps not. The portion sizes are tiny.

Anyone who’s ever danced themselves into oblivion at Madame JoJo's will know that the venue is titchy too, even as a nightclub. But the slightly seedy, down-at-heel décor sits perfectly with the show’s non-stop innuendo. And the tight, cramped conditions only add to the party atmosphere, with strangers craning their necks to talk to each other. Yes, London. Strangers talking. Welcome to the wonderful world of Magic Night.

We might have groaned a bit when Tricity Vogue (ukulele songstress) made her trillionth pun about playing an instrument and…come on, we don't have to spell this out for you. But it is hard not to get swept along in the glee of it all, as the crowd are so into it, and…well, the wine also helps. Best of the bunch is the ‘comedy chameleon’, Anil Desai, with his old-school impressionist charm.

Make no mistake, this night is a lot of fun. If you’re expecting top-notch comedy, you might be disappointed. If you’re expecting top-notch magic, you’ll probably be disappointed too. But if you want a great, crazy atmosphere, where silliness abounds, then this is the show for you. And if you’re planning a hen night, then what are you waiting for? BOOK!

Magic Night is on the first Friday of every month at Madame JoJo's. Tickets are priced at £10 (£7 conc) or £20 for show and dinner.

Last Updated 10 February 2010