More Snow Forecast For London This Week

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 101 months ago
More Snow Forecast For London This Week

Image by James.D. from the Londonist Flickr pool
No, no no no. We've only just stopped having flashbacks from January's snow and there's more on the way? The Met Office have issued warnings of heavy snow for London and the South East for tomorrow and Thursday. They're predicting 2-5cm or 5-10cm in more open areas / high ground - so zone 1 will probably get the usual dusting while transport grinds to a halt as its extremities freeze over.

This forecast is notable for specifically mentioning Kent as likely to be hardest hit: Southeastern are still deflecting flak from their decision to run a derisory service at the first hint of the white stuff, even though SE London wasn't nearly as badly hit as the West (and neighbouring TOCs struggled on). We'll be watching with interest how they react if they get genuinely heavy snow on their patch. And in other doom-mongering transport news, the national grit shortage still hasn't been rectified. Wrap up and wear sensible shoes tomorrow, folks.

Last Updated 09 February 2010


The warning is just for Kent and Medway, isn't it?


It's supposed to snow here too; probably not that badly in the centre, but any transport connected to the bits south of London will (in all likelihood) be properly fucked. That's a technical term, apparently.


Most snow Zone 1 is to get is just a little dusting. That according to the met office report today for the rest of the week, out in the outer zones, possibly more but looks like Kent is to get it the most, usually does. But of course most tube lines originate in the sticks, hence less trains on tracks, tube and main line alike. Still with most Londoners and regular travellers used to the tube being off air or delayed, there isn't really an issue here, business as usual.