Menu Review: Goan Showcase at Chutney Mary

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Menu Review: Goan Showcase at Chutney Mary

Photography by Chris Osburn

Chutney Mary has garnered considerable praise since opening in 1990. Twice it's received Good Curry Guide's Best Indian Restaurant in the UK award as well as the London Restaurant Award as the Indian Restaurant of the Year and Square Meal Guide's Best Modern Indian Restaurant in London on several occasions. But what has Ms Mary done for us lately and is she living up to her reputation?

Well, throughout the month of February, the tasteful (and tasty!) Chelsea restaurant is offering a stunning Goan Showcase menu. Through this edible showcase of one of India's most gastronomically enticing regions, Chef Siddharth Krishna and team demonstrate that, indeed, Chutney Mary continues to shine as a leading example of fine Indian dining.

Notable selections from the spicy menu include the “crab served two ways” starter (a crab claw sec sec and crispy crab cake for £10.50 - absolutely delicious but the claw is not the easiest dish to eat for those wishing to do so daintily) and the plump, juicy tandoor prawns main course (grilled with fiery Balchao marinade and served with a loop-throwing blueberry chutney for £23.50). The classic Goan prawn curry (traditional recipe of wild prawns with coconut, turmeric, tamarind and Goan red chilli for £19.50) excedes the most ravenous of expectations and came highly recommended by the manager.

From the remarkably friendly reception at the door through to the politely prompt delivery of the bill, service is top notch and commendable. Of course, this assertion is based upon a visit when the restaurant's staff knew Londonist was coming; still, we noticed personable and attentive care toward all diners … and there were many on the drizzly Tuesday night of our visit. Chutney Mary's especially romantic dining space is equal parts massive and intimate, evocatively lit and cosily decorated with a variety of plants.

Still wondering where to break naan with that special someone on the dreaded 14th? Ahem …

Chutney Mary is located at 535 Kings Road, SW10 0SZ, near Fulham Broadway Station. For more about the Goan Showcase menu and other Chutney Mary info, visit

Last Updated 03 February 2010