Live Music Preview: Pete & The Pirates @ Brixton Windmill

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Live Music Preview: Pete & The Pirates @ Brixton Windmill


You can be forgiven if you missed Pete and the Pirates first time round. The likeable five-piece's debut album came out during the guitar band glut of 2008, when separating the landfill indie from the good stuff was a Herculean task. We won't hold it against you if you didn't bother trying.

Still, if you haven't run into these cheerful chaps before, that's all the more reason to check them out at The Windmill, Brixton on 12 March. Their instantly-accessible guitar pop sound could bring a welcome early dash of summer to the south London venue.And, before you get worried, "instantly accessible" does not equate to "painfully shallow" in this case. Sure, the group's dissonant guitars and strong harmonies will grab you straight away, but once you start to listen to the bittersweet, playful lyrics you'll realise they have more depth than you'd get from a whole truckload of Scouting for Girls clones. (Sorry, we didn't mean to swear.)Part Mystery Jets, part Beach Boys, it's the shambolic, romantic, not-too-apathetic combination of wistful words and immediately catchy tunes which makes Pete and the Pirates gigs worth the entrance fee.Pete and the Pirates play The Windmill, Brixton on 12 March. Tickets are available now. (Image / Christoph! under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.)

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