Live Music Preview: Hot Club de Paris @ The Lexington

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Live Music Preview: Hot Club de Paris @ The Lexington


Get ready for intelligent, sparky lyrics, quick-witted chitchat and unexpected time signatures. Liverpudlian pop-punkers Hot Club de Paris are coming to The Lexington on 9 February - and with so many ideas crammed into each song, you'll have fun trying to predict which direction the three-piece are heading in.

This cheeky band makes full use of fragmented, staccato drums and serrated guitars in their pursuit of unusual rhythms. It's stop-start all the way, which might be a bit much if it wasn't for the strong harmonies and revealing lyrics which give your ears something to latch on to.In fact, words are central to the group's whole act. They've always been rather verbose (their forthcoming EP is called With Days Like This As Cheap As Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want To Work?), but thankfully they don't ramble on stage and what they do say is definitely worth listening to.As you've probably gathered, Hot Club de Paris aren't your average jumpy, punky guitar band. Their music is so chock full of different elements that it defies easy categorisation - and that unpredictability is probably their greatest strength.Hot Club de Paris play The Lexington on 9 February. Tickets are £7. (Image / coxy under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.)

Last Updated 04 February 2010