How Would You Improve London?

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How Would You Improve London?

cocreate.jpg A new initiative called Co-Create London is the latest attempt to canvass the public for ways to improve our city. It's dead simple. Just go here and type in your idea. You can also view other people's brainwaves, vote for your favourites and leave comments.

Proponents of the best ideas (it's not clear whether these are the ones with most votes, or the those chosen by the organisers as most likely to fly) will be invited to a workshop to develop their concepts with 'open innovation experts and key London stakeholders', whoever or whatever they may be. After all that, the best three will be put to a final public vote, and the winner presented to his august Borisness the Mayor of London.

You can read about the various people behind this project here, and with less industry jargon here.

It's always laudable (and fun) to source good ideas from everday Londoners, but the question has to be asked: how come this scheme is coming from a cocktail of brand and marketing experts and not City Hall itself?

Last Updated 26 February 2010